Luka Bangkok

Luka is the ultimate neighborhood café, with everything perfectlycomplementing each other to create a place of culinary and mental comfort, allseemingly without effort.

Luka’s food veers towards the nostalgic: burritos, meatballs, chunkysalads, and baked goods. But if you think greasy diner food, you could not befurther from the mark. Luka’s western comfort dishes are made with the finestlocal and sustainable ingredients, by hand and from scratch, with flavors andfreshness shining like spotlights. Coffee is meticulously curated and brewed toorder by the coffee-fanatic partner, while tea is also blended and brewedin-house by another tea-devotee owner. 

Luka serves the sort of thing you jump out of bed for, or rewardyourself after a satisfyingly productive day of work.

Housed in a 50s shophouse owned by 4 siblings, Luka’s home has seenmultiple transformations over the years. In the most recent though, walls wereknocked down, but stairs connecting 4 floors remain, so the feel is that of abeehive, busy with staff and customers running up and down in productivity andbreathless awe of the warm, eclectic décor.

As one looks up and down the neighbourhood on Pan road, towards thedevotees at the beloved Hindu temple on one end, the Myanmarese immigrants infront of their embassy on the other, the bohemian gallery, Ayurvedic retreat, theIranian and Indian restaurants in between, Luka thumps softly with a palpable beatof a cool place you never want to leave.

Opening times: 

Mon - Fri  10:00 am - 7 pm, 

Sat -Sun   9:00 - 7 pm

instagram: LukaBangkok

phone + 66 02 637 8558

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